The design of the Skipton town entrances on local bluestone, was sketched by a well known local artist. and was made by a local sculptor. It encaptures the two major agricultural industries of Skipton and District, "Wool and Grain", the Cream of The Western District!!
(This was the winning design in an Art Competition to select the right "Welcome To Skipton" which attracted many entrants!!

Skipton's "Home on the Internet"

The welcoming structures at each of the four main Town Entrances to Skipton provide a warm welcome to everyone as they enter the delightful township.

A well known and respected farming community, Skipton & District is affectionally known by some as "The Cream of the Western District" and others as "The Heart of the Western District", either way, everyone is right!!  Skipton is a great place to live.

A Great Place To Visit

Regardless of where you are from, or which direction you are heading, Skipton is a central point on the map for most travellers, making Skipton the perfect stopping place to break a journey.

Many take time to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the parks, attracted to the Mount Emu Creek in the hope of perhaps seeing a shy little platypus at play.

  • Walking tracks are ideal to stretch their legs and walk the dog;
  • Maybe change drivers for the next leg of the journey as well;
  • The Playground at Jubilee Park with conveniences perfect for parents with children;
  • Always the opportunity of a game of tennis, a picnic lunch or BBQ, or
  • Maybe a stop at the Skipton Golf Club on Geelong Road for bowls or golf next visit.

Travellers frequently make the the most of the stop and take a "photo opportunity" at the Eastern Entrance to Town, where Garden Club members have planted colourful succulants and plants to further enhance the warm welcome to Skipton.

Skipton lunches are always delicious.

"Dine-In, or Take-Away" at

"Emu Creek Deli & Gifts", with an extensive menu of home made delicasies.

  • Visit Facebook for the "Daily Specials";
  • Menu includes a wonderful selection of pastries, toasties, and delicious cakes;
  • The friendly staff always happy to assist;
  • "Kim's Katering" provides a outside catering by arrangement.

Skipton Roadhouse Staff start early each day providing hot food to coaches and truckies.  It is just the place for a lovely lunch, "Dine-In, or Take-Away", pizzas, cakes, hot pastries, fish'n'chips, hamburgers, sandwiches, etc.  Open until late every day.

Prefer A Picnic - Better Still!!

  • Drop in to the supermarket buy some chops, eggs or steaks and onions, or some of "Rohan's famous Sausages" they're  second to none for a Barbecue at Jubilee Park. 
  • Why not select from the extensive range of rolls and breads available at "Country Grocers" and make your own combinations.  Choose from their deli meats, cheeses and fresh salads.

Skipton has fantastic picnic spots and picturesque parks.

  • The Town Centre under the shelter of the Lions Club Gazebo.
  • Beautiful parkland in Stewart Park, maybe if you are lucky you might see platypus at play.
  • In the Old Police Stables or at the cairn over the suspension bridge.
  • Under the shady elm trees along Mount Emu Creek at the tables in Anderson Street 
  • Lovely areas for a picnic at Jubilee Park at the Playground, Walking Path around the Lake and also Amenities Block.
  • Maybe time for a game of tennis before you continue on.  Always next time!!

Skipton Historical Walk

  • Start your historical trip around Skipton at the Anglican "Christ Church" here.
  • Brochures are available at the Roadhouse at in the Town Centre to guide you on your way.
  • Information boards are located outside significant buildings, the self paced walks a great way to explore Skipton.
  • Not just for visitors, many locals may learn a lot from the "Skipton Historical Walk" which is well worth taking time to enjoy.

2021 Skipton 'Hay Bale Trail' - Vote for your three favourites!

In 2021 Corangamite Shire Council as part of the COVID Recovery initiative held a Hay Bale Trail Competition, but because Skipto's Farmers were busy with harvest they were slow to consider entering but in order to provide some fun for the district, SCN held a local Competition.

So much fun for ALL.  Travellers would stop and sniff the hay and took the opportunity for a Photo Opportunity"!!  THe Shire had 20 Entries!!  Skipton had 22!! And so very much fun.

How better to welcome visitors to Skipton? Our welcome promises fun and laughter at the 2021 'Hay Bail Trail'!

Please follow this link to vote for your three favourites!