An important central hub in Skipton in Montgomery Street, is the Skipton Emergency Services Complex which houses all of our vital Emergency Service Equipment and provides a central "Incident Location" for all Personnel, CFA, Ambulance Drivers and Paramedics, SES, and with Skipton Police Station just across the road in Blake Street West, the Skipton community is well served by a band of willing extremely dedicated volunteers.

Always ready to welcome new members and training is available. It will be the best decision you will ever make.

Skipton Emergency Services Complex

Skipton Rural Fire Brigade (CFA)  

   Montgomery St (Glenelg Hwy) Skipton

 In an Emergency Dial 0 0 0

 Burnoff Notifications - 1800 668 511

 Skipton CFA Captain:

Chris Heywood:  ph 0419 552 490


Skipton CFA Auxiliary

Angela Gowans: ph  5340 2285

New Fire Fighters and Auxiliary Members Welcome.  Details above.


Skipton Ambulance  

  Montgomery St (Glenelg Hwy) Skipton 

           In an Emergency Dial 0 0 0