Stockyard Hill Wind Farm


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The Stockyard Hill Wind Farm will be the largest wind farm in the southern hemisphere with 149 turbines. 

Each tower will be 180 metres high. 

It will power approximately 340,000 homes per year.

The first rollout will commence in the first quarter of 2018.

Please refer to this website for current updates.

This is the site of the Quarry.
At this stage the quarry is the only construction that is happening.
This is because Goldwin is still awaiting approval from the Victorian Government's Minister for Planning. Whenever an amendment is made to the original plans then they always need a fresh approval. It's no big deal as it's just a matter of a signature.
The quarry is a crucial part of the Wind Farm as it allows the construction teams to use raw materials found on the site. This means there will be very little impact from great, overloaded trucks driving on the many local roads, including the Skipton-Beaufort Rd.