Lismore Land Protection Group

Looking forward to bring you a series of eight parts, the Group have a particular interest in getting you out and about, to spot the flora and fauna in YOUR Back Yards.  Become actively involved.

There are many species near to extinction and we have a responsibility to ensure the health of our own little piece of the world, to nurture those little, often minuscule organisms, that we may never see but that are needed for the health of other animals, birds etc in the ecosystems.

 The 'Backyard Biodiversity' Series from the Land Protection Group is going to be just so very informative and we can all learn how to help to creat an environment to assist the "little creratures" in your garden to live in harmony.

Starting with 1 of 8 part series is 1/8 BIRDS, 2/8 POLLENATORS; 3/8 FROGS;

4/8  Native Wildflowers and Grasses; 5/8  Lizards;  6/8  Nesting Boxes;

All contact details are on the bottom of each page.


Number 1:  BIRDS - so many wonderful birds enjoy them.


Number 2:  POLLENATORS - all needed for a healthy garden.


Number 3:  FROGS - are a very important gauge for the healthof an ecosystem.

Number 4: WILDFLOWERS - In Australia we are so very fortunate to have so many wonderful grasses and we must all try to nurture them. Get to know as many of them as you can especially those that are local to your area.
Also you need to get to know the introduced "Weed Species" that continue to threaten the survival of our Native Grasses.
It can be a full time job to weed out the introduced species, but if we are all vigilent and do our bit we can all work together to preserve the native grasses of our waterways and forests, and allow them to thrive without that competition.
If you are unsure which plant is which - Just Ask!!!
Landcare devotees are always only too willing to assist you to learn. It is after all "Our Country" we all need to keep it as pristine as possible for those who follow us.
When you clean up your gardens, when you cut back plants such as an agapanthus, (this is a noxious weed dispose of it carefully), when you cut back larger plants, take to them Transfer Station. WE have this wonderful service. Use it.

Number 5: LIZARDS So many different kinds of lizards.

Number 6: NESTING BOXES - You can assist the wildlifein your environment by making Nesting boxes for them.

Number 7: CATS - Their Impact on Our Environment

Number 8: