The Town Entrances provide a warm welcome at each of the four entrances to town. North, south, east and west.
Designed by a local artist, winner of a Town Competition, using local bluestone for the plinth.

Driving?? How to get here by car.

From Melbourne - travel west along the West Gate Bridge, exiting at the Western Ring Road junction, then taking the Deer Park By-pass road where it connects to the Western Highway just outside of Caroline Springs. 

Stay on this road, bypassing Ballarat, and then make a left-hand turn at the traffic lights in the township of Beaufort.  Skipton is just 30 kilometres down this road passing Lake Goldsmith.

From Adelaide/Horsham - follow the Western Highway to Beaufort and make a right-hand turn at the traffic lights onto Skipton Road.  The town is only 30 kilometres away.

From Sydney/Bendigo -travel south along the Midland Highway, then turn right onto Bendigo-Maryborough Road.  At the town of Maryborough look for the signs to Pyrenees Highway, then left onto the Talbot exist.  Traveling through Talbot, continue onto Lexton-Talbot Road.  Continue on through Lexton to the Lexton-Beaufort Road.  At the town of Beaufort, continue on through the traffic lights to Skipton Road.

From Geelong - travel west along the Hamilton Highway.   Turn right onto Fyansford-Gheringham Road.  Continue onto the Midland Highway.  At the rounabout take the 1st exit to the Shelford-Bancockburn Road.  Turn left onto Kelly Road, then continue onto Shelford-Bancockburn Road. 

This then turns into Rokewood-Shelford Road after traveling through the town of Shelford.  After the township of Rokewood, this road continues on to the Rokewood-Skipton Road.  As you enter Skipton you will see the Golf Course on your left and just ahead tennis courts as your turn left into Glenelg Highway and the CBD of Skipton.

From Warrnambool - travel east along the Princess Highway.  Look for the signs displaying Camperdown-Lismore Road in the Camperdown township.  Turn left onto the Camperdown-Lismore Road.  Continue onto to the Lismore-Skipton Road.  Skipton is just 30 kilometres due north from here.




SKIPTON is in the heart of south-west Victoria. Roughly 2 hours from Warrnambool (to the south), Horsham (2 hours to the west), Bendigo (2 hours to the north) and Melbourne (2+ hours to the east).

Skipton Hotel, built in 1856, of bluestone construction.
The stables at the rear were used by Cobb & Co.

Public Transport


Travelling to Ballarat or to Melbourne, Skipton passengers have two options.

  • The Warrnambool Coach and
  • The Mt Gambier Coach.

Tickets are available at the Roadhouse.

The Vline Bus Stop is opposite the Skipton Roadhouse.  

Passengers travelling on the Vline service departing from Southern Cross Station in the Melbourne CBD are able to travel to Skipton on the Public Transport by VLine Coach.  There are two options:

Take the train the Ballarat Station,

  • then catch the connecting Warrnambool Service VLine Coach
  • or the Mt Gambier (via Hamilton) VLine Coach Service.

Skipton is one of those stops along the coach routes.  About forty minutes from Ballarat. 

Skipton is on the Glenelg Highway and the Lismore Road to the South is the route taken to Warrnambool.




Welcome to Skipton

 Traffic flow through Skipton's Town Centre fluctuates considerably.

There are the regular movements of the locals getting about their daily business; and then there are the touring buses, caravans, motor cycles, car clubs; with a steady flow of agricultural B-Doubles, carrying logs, grain, scorria and huge harvesting machines with their respective escort vehicles.

In more recent times very long vehicles have been seen, travelling overnight, to carry large wind turbines to the wind farm with all different loads on board.

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