Skipton Community News, A Project of Skipton Progress Association Inc.

The Skipton Community News (SCN) was first established in 1977.  A project of Skipton Progress Association SCN is published weekly and provides a valued service to residents of Skipton & District keeping them up to date with local news and events.

The number of each edition is shown on the masthead.  It is displayed as (example) 40:35.  40 being the year and 35 being the number of the edition for the year.  It is nearing the end of its 41st year.

There have been three previous editors of SCN since its inception.  The fourth and current editor, Kathy Sproules has been managing the newsletter since October 1993. Many changes have occurred in the production of SCN during this time with her first edition on 8th of October 1993 being typed on an electric typewriter, with "cut & paste' being done with 'scissors & clag'.  Our original 'Old Bertha' the Gestetner printer has been replaced with a photocopier.

Produced locally through the efforts of the Editor and members of the 'Skipton Community News Team' the newsletter is fully staffed by volunteers.  

With the assistance of the respective Scribes and Secretaries throughout the district, SCN brings all of the news, sport, and event information as well as providing a voice for the local Shire Councils, and State and Federal politicians to get their message out to residents, with local groups and organisations all contributing their respective messages to the wider community. SCN provides a great medium for tradespeople and businesses to advertise their various goods and services and helps them to reach their target market. 

Rates are very attractive. Current rates and contact details are available on this site.  

Editor can be contacted by email on:

As a small town newsletter SCNcertainly has a wide distrubution base.  SCN is distributed free of charge to every household within the postcode of 3361. (Numbers produced vary, have been as high as 600 a few years ago, however as the population tends to fluctuate a steady number of 500 seems the most suitable.)

Further copies are distributed throughout various other outlets such as the roadhouse, schools, hospitals and also to the communities of Linton, Mannibadar, Streatham etc.  A large number are sent through Australia Post as requested by former residents, with copies are also distributed to the Shires of Corangamite, the Golden Plains and the Pryrenees. The list of people receiving SCN electronically continues to grow.

SCN is mailed to our local, State and Federal politicians (who don't mind paying the postage for this service), and is also sent each week to the Serials Acquisitions Section of the State Library of Victoria, the Skipton Historical Society and other Historical Socities with interest.   

One of the major topics the SCN ever covered was the proposal of a toxic waste dump in Pittong.  The SCN was instrumental in rallying public interest keeping everyone informed with both sides of the topic being covered.  There was quite a stir amongst the residents, with numerous meetings and a rally in Spring Street on the steps of Parliament House..  Support flowed throughout the area and because of the public backlash the proposal was defeated.  

Other big stories covered by SCN have been the 175th celebrations of when Skipton was established as a town, 1839 to 2014, and also the major floods experienced in 2011.

We hope SCN continues well into the future as a true Skipton icon.  The Editor always welcomes new ideas, views and opinions as well as articles based on the local community.  

In the menu section on the top of the page you can peruse latest copies of the newsletter.  You may make an inquiry to the editor regarding any earlier editions by email at  at anytime. Due to size restraints of website only later newsletters are available online.