Skipton Community News 2020 Volume 43

I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading the regular editions of Skipton Community News.

It is a special newsletter serving the community of Skipton and District now for nearly 44 years and provides a voice for the community.

Conveniently located between three Rural Shire Councils Skipton Community News brings all the current News from

  • Corangamite Shire Council,
  • Golden Plains Shire and
  • Pyrenees Shire Council.

As well as regular communications with our Federal and State Politicians:

  • Dan Tehan Tehan MP, Federal Member for Wannon
  • Richard Riordan MP, Member for Polworth
  • Jaala Pulford MP Member for Western Province

Also, Up to date Sporting Results from - sadly not in 2020 due to COVID restrictions, but they will all be back again soon we hope.

  • Skipton FootballNetball Club,
  • Skipton Golf andBowls Club
  • Mininera and District Football and Netball Association
  • and Tennis.

However in 2020 with COVID 19 Restrictions the Newsletters have had a different look entirely with the DHHS messages and WHO Posters to keep everybody informed about the important information about how to stay COVID'well and healthy.

Special thanks to Beaufort and Skipton Health Services Staff and Team of Professionals for providing information to SCN for the newsletter and the Facebook pages.

By these professionals "Keeping Us Informed" with the important "Health Messages" we, in the Western District, are all Staying Well and more importantly COVID'free. 

The SAKUT Messages on the back page of SCN published full colour each week is well worth reading again and again.  Submitted by Victorian Government and DHHS.

The newsletters included in this domain website have been abridged (condensed) to create a smaller sized document. 

This means that the usual advertisements have been removed from the newsletters on this site to reduce document size to allow for easier download of visitors to the site. 

The Trade Directory has been left intact in some editions labelled "Full Versions".

I have done this specifically so that Traders details are available for readers wishing to make contact with a contractor or business to provide a service.

These people are prepared to travel, provide friendly professional services and usually great follow up future service as well.

SCN is grateful for the ongoing support of the friendships developed over many years and hope you use these services when considering hiring a tradie in the future.

Earlier editions of SCN are always available upon request. They are also available from the Skipton Historical Society. 

Contact The Editor at to arrange this.

The newsletters includes News, Events, Sporting Results and Reports and Media Releases from various sources in order to maintain specific relevance to a wide range of readers.

Newsletters will remain on this site for only a limited period of time, as they will need to be deleted after time to make room for more recent editions.  

SCN Volume 43 Issue 33 - 28th October 2020 abridged version SCN

SCN Volume 43 Issue 32 - 21st October 2020 abridged version SCN

SCN Volume 43 Issue 31 - 14th October 2020 abridged version SCN

SCN Volume 43 Issue 30 - 7th October 2020 abridged version SCN

SCN Volume 43 Issue 29 - 16th September 2020 abridged version SCN

SCN will take the next two weeks off for the school holiday break.
The next edition of SCN will be on 7th October, 2020.
In the meantime stay COVID'free, safe and happy. K

SCN Volume 43 Issue 28 - 9th September 2020 abridged version SCN

SCN Volume 43 Issue 27 - 2nd September 2020 abridged version SCN