Skipton a great place to stop to visit for a picnic, a browse in the shops, or to stay on for a lifetime.
You will be so happy to spend time in this delightful Western District Township and find the delights for yourself.

Skipton Community News 2021

As the end of 2021 draws to a close so soon, there is just one more edition of SCN before we break for the Summer School Holidays.

I have attached the Rates for Advertising for 2022 and welcome listings for the update for the 2022 Skipton and District TelephoneDirectory which will be out at the start of 2022.

New advertisers welcomed for the "Coloured Pages" section and at $125.00 you will reap the rewards of trading in a wide area.

Room for Plumbers, Handypeople and Builders.  We have a designated Industrial Area in Skipton just make enquiries with Corangamite Shire and there are vacant businesses houses in private hands (not trading) bot should be.  The town could do with a wake up!!

Skipton Community News has provided a weekly newsletter - a continuous news sheet to the Community of Skipton & District for 44 years, and through the constant evolutionary changing of this publication it has provided an opportunity for our local political Members at all three seats of Government. SCN publishes all media statements from

  • Dan Tehan Tehan MP, Federal Member for Wannon
  • Richard Riordan MP, Member for Polworth
  • Jaala Pulford MP Member for Western Province

and it is shown that our Federal and State Politicians are always quick to respond to callers when asked, just need good communication. Remember they are people too, and are pretty busy people with a tight schedule. 

So remember to show respect, and when they do reply, remember to return with a call to show a sign of gratitude. You would grizzle if nothing was done!!

So say "Thanks" for a happy response when you get a job well done!!

Located conveniently located between three Rural Shire Councils Skipton Community News brings all the current Shire Council News from monthly meetings of each Council and also publishes relevant media statements which are of importance to our community: Corangamite Shire Council, Golden Plains Shire and Pyrenees Shire Council.

You can rest assured that any issues raised with the SCN Editor are immediately handed on to the person best able to address the particular matter in a constructive way.

Doesn't make me a very popular person and I am constantly criticised, but I do not believe that to be at all warranted - show R E S P E C T we are all Volunteers doing their best!!! 

Once a Volunteer becomes so dissillusioned that they feel that they need to pull out they are never replaced. Even if you think you can do better if you were to step forward to fill that position vacated, you would find that there is more to what we do than you think.

The Specialness of SCN is that it is a "Weekly Publication" delivered "Free Of Charge" to all Householders" in the 3361, and also to the P.O. Boxes at Skipton Post Office, just check if postie doesn't cover your actual boundary roads, if you are outside of his route ask The Post Master at Skipton Post Office, or The Editor SCN, and arrangements will be made to reach your P.O. Box if it is possible. 

You might - like many others - need to pay postage if you are outside the "Free-Of-Charge" area.  Costs of postage is for the $1.10 stamps required - for the 43 weeks of the year, sometimes a more bulky envelope is $2.20 - so rounded off at $75.00 for the year. $18.75 per School Term.

The system works very well.  But it does rely on good communication lines.  If in doubt!!  Just ask!!  Please ask The Editor though - other people don't know the answers!!

Contact The Editor at to arrange this, or phone 03 5340 2340.

Separate Trade Directory available on this site - Rule of Thumb - employ a Local!!

Electricians - Tradies - Shopkeepers- why go elsewhere??  We have the best right here!

To get the best advice and assistance should you require top quality tradespeople - give the locals a call first.  Local people and prepared to travel to assist.

Always shop locally - otherwise you will find one day they might be gone. 

"Taking the school holidays off" there are 43 newsletters each year and at times there are "Special Editions" published during the holidays or "To The Householders" if required, so you are always informed when important issues arise.

Earlier editions/back issues of SCN are always available upon request.

Skipton Community News is also available at Skipton Historical Society in hard copy.

You can visit Skipton Court House and Police House Historical Precinct on the third Sunday of each month, between 2 pm and 4 pm (when banner out, COVID restrictions limited 2020). 

Don't rely on Facebook for your news, it is good but not as detailed as SCN - read both.

Newsletters will remain on this site for only a limited period of time, as they will need to be deleted after time to make room for more recent editions.    

SCN Volume 44 Issue 39 - 8th December 2021 Full Edition

SCN 44.Trading Post

SCN Volume 44 Issue 38 - 1st December 2021 Abridged Version

Only two more editions before we break for the Christmas School Holidays. Time to book Ads for 2022 and time to get your listings in to The Editor for the Update of Skipton Telephone Directory 2022.

SCN Volume 44 Issue 37 - 24th November 2021 Abridged Version

Listings invited for update of Skipton Telephone Directory. Coupon inside SCN just fill it in amd return.

SCN Volume 44 Issue 36 - 17th November 2021 Abridged Version

COVID Restrictions Lifting. Enjoy yur Freedom but do please still take care of the Hand Washing and Safe Techniques learnt.
Get Vaxed and If Any Symptoms Get Tested. K

SCN Volume 44 Issue 35 - 10th November 2021 Abridged Version

SCN Volume 44 Issue 34 - 3rd November 2021 Abridged Version

SCN Volume 44 Issue 33 - 27th October 2021 Abridged Version

SCN Volume 44 Issue 32 - 20th October 2021 Full Edition

SCN Volume 44 Issue 31 abridged version - 13th October 2021

SCN Volume 44 Issue 30 abridged version - 6th October 2021

SCN Volume 44 Issue 29 abridged version - 15th September 2021

SCN Volume 44 Issue 28 abridged version - 8th September 2021

SCN Volume 44 Issue 27 abridged version - 1st September 2021