Skipton Community News 2019 Volume 42

The newsletters included in this domain website have been abridged (condensed) to create a smaller sized document.  The Trade Directory has been removed to reduce document size.  The newsletters includes News, Events, Sporting Results and Reports and Media Releases from various sources in order to maintain specific relevance to a wide range of readers.

Newsletters will remain on this site for a limited period of time, as they will need to be deleted after time to make room for more recent editions.  

Earlier editions of SCN are always available upon request. They are also available from the Skipton Historical Society. 

Contact The Editor at to arrange this.

SCN also produces an annual Telephone Directory for the community of Skipton & District. The popular little phone books are now available through local businesses.

Updated annually due to the changing nature of the area and to ensure accuracy the booklets provide a great reference for those on the move, in the headers, trucks, etc.

Just drop in to any of the local stores to get your 2019 Skipton & District Telephone Directory a.s.a.p. the previous booklets are no longer accurate as many of the people have dropped their landlines, added emails, altered mobile numbers etc.

At only $2.00 each they are easily affordable for additional copies for around the the home, office, tractor, truck, headers.  Nice and bright, yellow this year.  Who's crop is it??  No prizes for a lucky guess, but sure is a great crop.

Contact the Editor as above or send payment of $3.00 for postage plus $2.00 per booklet and they will be mailed to you.