Skipton Progress Association Inc

The Purposes of Skipton Progress Association:

  • To promote and foster the progress and prosperity of Skipton and surrounding District.
  • To attract population and business to Skipton and District.
  • To work towards the  improvement of existing amenities of the town.
  • To assist communication between people of the community and Corangamite Shire.
  • To protect and preserve the history and heritage of Skipton and District.

The Intent of Skipton Progress Association:

  • Produce weekly newsletter for Skipton & District.
  • Monthly Skipton Market - first Saturday of each month.
  • Improve the Town Centre, promote local business.
  • Maintenance of parks and public areas.
  • Approaches to town [tree planting and signage]
  • Tourism [information boards,brochures,walking trails,Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail]
  • Work with other groups in the community and assist to reach their goals.
  • Provide a voice for community members with local government.
  • Assist groups and organisations to apply for grants.

 Recent Accomplishments of Skipton Progress Association:

  • Clearing of non indigenous species from banks of Mt. Emu Creek.
  • Gateway to the start of Skipton-Ballarat  Rail Trail. 
  • Planting of avenue of trees at Skipton entrance to the Rail Trail are growing very well.
  • Tree planting at entrances to Skipton looking good.
  • Significant new plantings and tree works completed by Corangamite Shire.
  • Town Entrances at four entrances to Skipton.

Current Activities of Skipton Progress Association:

  • Further tree planting around town by Tree Sub-Committee - looking great.
  • Skipton Community News now on website each week and on Facebook.
  • Restoration work at Jubilee Park and the Linking Skipton Walking Track complete. 
  • Walking Trails all link up and avenue of trees at the Railway Station end growing well.
  • Linking Skipton Walking Trail complete with Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail being well used.
  • Historical Walk available for locals and visitors.  Pamphlets available.

Participation in Skipton Progress Association:

  • Meetings of Skipton Progress Assocition are open to everyone to attend. 
  • People are invited to raise any issues they may have in the meeting forum. 
  • After hearing a proposal, Members can formulate a motion and a vote taken with proposal adopted.

Voting Process

  • In order to vote a person must become a member of Skipton Progress Association. 
  • A small fee of $5.00 is all it takes to to make a real difference in your community. 
  • SPA is for Men and for Women. 
  • Young and for those who are a little "More Mature".

Venue for Meetings

  • Supper Room of Skipton Mechanics Hall.
  • Light Supper after meetings
  • The venue is wheelchair accessible.

Meeting Times: 

  • On the 1st Thursday of each month
  • At 7:30 pm

Membership Fees: 

  • $5.00.  
  • Must be a Member to have voting rights.

Alternative Meeting Venue:  

  • Jubilee Centre, 10 Montgomery Street, Skipton.
  • Available for Meetings and Informal Gatherings.
  • Contact:  Association Secretary on 5340 2043 for Bookings.